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Shop for the cheapest Custom Bobble heads this festive season

If you are in search of some cheap and intricate quality Bobble heads for your loved ones then you do not need to search anywhere. Here we offer superb quality and perfectly resembling Bobble heads at an attractive price. Be it for a special wedding present on your friend’s birthday or for something as interesting as portraying yourself the coolest way possible, we have got all things covered.

You can get dolls and bobble heads fully customized just the way you want it to be. It’s always great to have someone as good to be seen in front of you and our expert artisans guarantee you an exact replica with the shape and size of the head you want to have. None the less we are offering great discounts too this festive season. We have special offer for this Christmas so that you can gift your love in form of a bobble head to your loved ones. It’s a delight for children to play with their own bobble heads wobbling with a touch, isn’t it? So make this Christmas a very special by ordering one today!

Bobbleheads Are The Foremost Famous Collectible Items Worldwide

BOBBLEHEADS are such a fun and quirky way to customize an office desk or the dashboard in a car. They’re something of a cultural icon here in the West; their roots stemming from Major League Baseball in the late 1950’s. Each and every team had their own BOBBLEHEAD by 1960. With this trend gaining in popularity, The King, himself, Elvis Presley has had several iconic portrayals immortalized with collectible BOBBLEHEADS. Even the Beatles had their own collectible BOBBLEHEADS released in the mid 1960’s which are worth upwards of $1,000 online for a complete set these days if they can even be found as they are very rare collector’s items.

Time goes on and each sports franchise hops onto the bandwagon producing BOBBLEHEADS for nearly every sports team and major player in existence. Mike Tyson makes an appearance in the BOBBLEHEAD realm accompanied by an “earless” Evander Holyfield and the industry transitions into a new direction, expanding into the industry of comedy and entertainment. The Hawaiian Hula girl with ukulele has now emerged into the market adorning dashboards as far as the eye can see. In the early 1990’s there was even a music label known as “Dashboard Hula Girl Records”, reflecting the fact that the trend has been widely established in the heart of our nation.

The year is now 1998 and political correctness has not made its way into the mainstream as of yet; you turn on your television and what do you likely see? Only one of the most famous BOBBLEHEADS ever created: The Taco Bell Chihuahua. The commercials were a smash hit and BOBBLEHEAD sales soared in ludicrous numbers. “Gidget”, our beloved Taco Bell Chihuahua passed away at the tender age of 15 in July of 2009 and now each and every one of those original Taco Bell Chihuahua BOBBLEHEADS is a collectible item and is worth over 40 times the original asking price on eBay at the time of writing this.


Fast forward to 2016, Republican Nominee Donald Trump has once again shattered the BOBBLEHEAD world with his blonde flowing locks of hair and his “trademarked” clenched-teeth expression. We do not yet know how the upcoming presidential election will turn out, but what we do know is that trends repeat themselves and before too long, revenues generated in the BOBBLEHEAD industry will likely be greatly increased at the exchange of political likenesses. Years from now, we may see another tremendous spike in the value of these figures.

There are many other notable varieties of BOBBLEHEADS in circulation with the trend reaching as far as the Asias. The Thanjavur Dolls of India are a variety of BOBBLEHEAD dolls used in elaborate festivals known as the Golu. These dolls are dressed in elaborate gowns and displayed next to many other dolls to be celebrated during the Dasara festivals held each September. These ceremonies are a joyous celebration and the admission of the figurines creates a very fun atmosphere for all involved.

Is there more to the appeal of these figures than simply dollar signs? Certainly, there is. These days, BOBBLEHEADS make fantastic gifts, in addition to collector’s items. We offer fully CUSTOMIZABLE BOBBLEHEADS at fantastic rates for you to take advantage of. Now you can take your favorite picture of your best friend, your spouse, your boss, your children, so on and so forth, and CUSTOMIZE BOBBLEHEAD figurines for all of them, making a super enjoyable and thoughtful gift. We allow you to determine clothing, facial expression, and more in order to ensure that your CUSTOMIZED BOBBLEHEAD is to your utmost satisfaction. This is what we are in the business of and we endeavor to perfect our craft.


Personalized on-demand BOBBLEHEADS are not mass produced. Each and every figurine custom-ordered is met to your exacting specifications with your choice of stock bodies that can include such themes as sports and hobbies like skateboarding, drumming or guitar playing, formula car racing, and so on and so forth. Additionally, we offer themes for weddings (even BOBBLEHEAD cake toppers!), graduations, awards, superhero themes, zombie themes, and “sexy” themes. With our CUSTOMIZABLE BOBBLEHEAD services, the only limits are your imagination. Using a very simple order form, you are able to upload an image of the likeness you wish to use for your figurine, from multiple angles for improved accuracy, if desired. You are then able to customize features such as eye color, hair color, and images or text which can be added to the clothing or to the base of the BOBBLEHEAD. We also offer bobbles in many different careers such as businessmen and women, doctors, dentists, priests, military, police, chefs, judges, astronauts, and even pizza delivery drivers, if you so choose. Our dolls are head to toe customizable so possibilities are endless.



Pricing can range depending on the customization involved, but we did not set out in this industry to be the cheapest, in spite of our absolutely reasonable rates; we set out to be the absolute best so that when someone thinks “That’d make a great BOBBLEHEAD…”, they can come to us with confidence that any ideas they present to us will be carried out as accurately and as efficiently as humanly possible. If you can imagine it, we can create it!

Why should you invest in a CUSTOMIZED BOBBLEHEAD from us? It is because we make them for every occasion. They make excellent gifts for groomsmen and bridesmaids. They look fantastic and place a classically hilarious spin on the traditional bride and groom wedding cake toppers. They can make a hilarious birthday gift for someone at the office. They make a marketing statement; imagine you own a veterinary clinic and adorn the receptionist’s desk with our customizable dog or cat bobbleheads. Perhaps you host a cooking vlog and your likeness graces the camera frame with a bouncing head and chef’s hat. A talent agent may be inclined to represent his bigger clients with BOBBLEHEADS in their likenesses in his office. The applications are seemingly endless but all seem to grab attention because deep down, everyone loves a BOBBLEHEAD. We’re well aware of this; this is why we set out to be the absolute very best, and we strongly feel that we’ve achieved this. Let us create your perfect CUSTOMIZED BOBBLEHEAD today!

Why Bobble Heads Are The Most Excellent Christmas Gift Ever To Anybody

Bobble heads are the foremost famous collectible items worldwide. It is typically characterized as a toy. This toy incorporates a big head that bobbles when you make a small faucet on its head. The toy’s head is linked to a spring that creates it bobble every time it is being tapped. The body of the toy is a ton smaller than its head that makes it distinctive and very nice. This percentage inside the body and the top makes a lot of emphasis to the top where it wobbles. This collectible item is also known as nodder or wobbled toy. It will be the greatest gift ideas to include on your list.

For certain a heap of you have got seen it in cars and in stores where there are small figures that wobbles. It is well-liked on sports events as a present memento for fans. The very initial bobble head look was means back 1950’s during the famous Beatles bobble head collectibles. This is often a true life figure of all the members of the band Beatles. It absolutely was the beginning of the bobble head when it had been popularized by famous athletes and bands throughout those times. Since then, bobble collectible toys are the foremost talked about sports and music fans everywhere the globe.

Bobble head toys are good gift for men and their girlfriends. Most bobble collectors are looking for cartoon, movie character, and famous player on totally different sporting event round the world. As a result of of this, a ton people want to have this bobble head toy for collection. It can capture people from all ages especially kids. You’ll procure a bobble head toy for your youngsters with their favorite cartoon character. This can surely create them energized and helped them work on their imagination and resourcefulness. You’ll allow them to style their own bobble toy to boost their ideas and creative concepts. This is often one of the greatest gift ideas your children will have on any extraordinary circumstance.

For adults you’ll be able to procure a tailored bobble head toy according to their hobby, favorite band or sport superstar. You’ll be able to additionally choose to make their image as the first head of the toy. This is a great selection if you want to provide a unique bit for your gift in numerous occasions every year. Conventional gifts are sometimes very luxurious and time consuming to buy not like this personalized one which you’ll simply purchase over the internet.

You just need to upload the image of the person you would like to offer the gift. Then, you will be given the prospect to choose the hair color and skin color of the doll to suit the person’s physical appearance. In a day or two you can have your toy directly delivered at your doorstep. This can be the best gift concepts ever created to minimize your stress on wanting for the right gift. The price might vary in step with your desired size and design.

Bobble heads are commonly used for gift giving purposes, but now you can have this bobble heads for soccer as a souvenir items. Bobble heads are great for soccer events; it can be a collector’s item for your most favorite soccer superstar.

These kinds of newest gift giving ideas are called wobblers or a nodder. These dolls are known to have bigger heads that their body. The bigger head is attached on a spring which makes it wobble whenever a slight movement is being exerted on the toy.

These one of a kind bobble heads dolls are available in different variety of soccer superstar figures. You can purchase a figure of a great athlete, most popular personality on soccer, and a lot more to choose form. This soccer figure is given to all ticket buyers as a souvenir item for a game.

One of the most popular soccer games that give away this bobble heads is the World Soccer Cup. These dolls are not only for soccer game but a newest gift giving ideas for your love one this Christmas. It is a nice gift for all soccer fanatics because these dolls are consist of variety of replicas of the most popular professional soccer players all over the world.

The doll is sometimes use as a trophy for different soccer competition. This dolls are perfect trophies for little soccer games for kids. Customized bobble heads includes engraving of your favorite soccer team. You can choose from different designs and sizes that will suit your need for a gift. This newest gift giving ideas are best for all ages whether a boy or a girl as long he/she loves soccer.

Most bobble head are use for different sport events as a souvenir. This is made a plastic or a porcelain material. This little cute moving head dolls have captured a lot of attention and increase the interest of many gift buyers. Today, these little dolls have been the most popular attraction for many soccer vents all over the world. The popularity of these dolls has spread all throughout the world and increases its market every year.

Bobble heads are nice a way to introduce sports to your little ones. This can generate their curiosity and interest towards sports. This can later encourage them to join some sports activity as they grow. Parents with kids who are inclined with sports you can give this bobble heads as a gift for a victory party celebration.

Look for this bobble heads at your favorite gift stores or at the internet. You can always purchase this bobble head over the internet just by visiting some website that offers this kind of toy. Most website offers a service of a personalized doll. You can create your own doll by following step by step procedure provided on their website. You can choose the color of the hair and skin. You can also upload your own picture to be use as the head of your doll. Enjoy your own personalized bobble doll.

Bubble head: Spruce up your fun with these customized figurines

These great collectables are a wide spread epidemic that brings great fun and attraction. With the understanding of these figurines, they present a great customization that only a true bubble head fan come to appreciate. These great figures come in all shapes and sizes. They vary in personality and character. With almost any type of genre, in the bubble head, you can fully make these figures into anything that is desirable. Here is some great attributes of the bubble head.

Bubble Head: Who will you transform?

Here is some great examples of bubble head figurines that can be composed:

  • Custom Bubble heads made to look just like “You”
  • Pop Stars
  • Important people “The Pope” etc.
  • Movie Stars
  • Military

These are just a few to mention, the ideas and expressions in bubble heads are boundless in the event of creation and display. With the idea of bringing one of these great collectables together, they present the ultimate desire of figurines. Let your imagination run wild as you create and bring characteristics and qualities to life in your next bubble head, with your mind streaming concepts, your next great idea be intertwined with a bubble head. The only figurine that is fun to create and collectable. What will your next bubble head be?

Personalized bobble heads made only for you

Would you like to have something unique and made only for you? You can get it with personalized bobble heads. These interesting dolls can be made by simple using of some of your photos. The price of this pleasure is quite reasonable. However, is there a price for something that exclusive? The doll is coming with the head that looks exactly like you. You can choose one of many different types of bodies. There are soccer players, bakers, chefs, poker players and many more. Ladies in wedding dresses and men in suits are also super-popular. Using this option, make a real 3D copy of your wedding pictures. There is nothing more beautiful than that.

Personalized bobble heads can be also ideal gift for your friends. If you have a picture, little touch of creativity will make miracles. Making of bobble heads has changed over years, having different transformations. In the beginning, they were made out of paper, then with ceramics and, at the end, creators used plastic materials. Making personalized bobble heads is popular business nowadays, as many people want their personal look-alikes.  We are the company that offers the great range of possibilities to you. Choose the best for yourself and get the unique bobble head.

Custom Bobble Head

If you want to bring a wide smile on the face of people you love, a bobble head surely work effectively. This gift is a very unique item to commemorate any kind of special occasion such as wedding, birthday, anniversary etc. It is among the special ways to show one’s gratitude by gifting a pair of bobble heads to person who is very close to the heart.

The option of ordering custom bobble heads is just amazing! One can choose the body shape according to his/ her own wish and can send photographs to be fitted on its face as desired. These toys are usually built with durable materials that last for a lifetime. For the newly married couple, it may work wonders into their lives.


The price of these toys usually ranges from $75 to $90. There are a few companies who take online orders on custom bobble head dolls. These online sites, on payment, create custom bobble head and make home delivery within a speculated time. The quality of work and the details of the company can be obtained from their respective websites. To create custom bobble head, one has to generally send his/her own photograph. The client has to mention about the body shape that he wants to be designed for him.

One can browse the sites for its availability. The customers can also select the color of the eyes, clothing style, body style and other features as well. The customer can preview and modify their dolls beforehand, before going to the final manufacturing process. Some companies offer attractive couples and family bobble heads too. The 3D computer sculpture custom bobble head is add-on technology with which only selected companies deals with. These are produced by utilizing poly-resin and 3D printing material that can be molded effectively.


It can’t be specifically determined where these toys were made first. People tend to say that it was Germany where these kinds of dolls were first manufactured in ceramic in the 18th century. They became a mass popular object in the Major League Baseball World Series, where the bobbleheads were imported from Japan. They are today known by a few other names too, such as: headknockers, bobbing head dolls, nodders, wobblers etc. There is no doubt that even with the launch of so many high tech video games, online mobile apps, the importance of bobblehead dolls hasn’t worn away.

Many can attest to the fact that these bobble heads can unleash our wacky side. How can it help you? It’s hard to be wacky sometimes.

This is actually true if our profession calls for us to be serious. You could be a lawyer, politician or the likes and you really have no choice but to be serious. It comes with the job description.


You don’t have to be wacky yourself. You just have to make custom bobble heads as wacky as possible. It’s hard to realize at first how that’s going to help you. But let’s say for example that you already are a wacky individual. You could be an entertainer trying to promote yourself and your services. It’s a given that you should promote yourself in such a way that it’s going to reflect upon you positively. Can you imagine something boring like t-shirts and caps promoting your service? It’s going to reflect upon you and people would think that you are boring. After all, you failed to think of a fresh and entertaining way to promote your services.

You should make custom bobble heads as wacky and entertaining as possible. If you are in the entertainment business, that should be very easy.

But what if you’re in the serious business or service? Like the example above, you could be a lawyer or politician. Your job is serious because what you’re handling is serious. You’re handling cases and constituents and it goes without saying that you need your serious face on. But even if you’re a lawyer or a politician, you also need to promote yourself and your service. You need to promote your services as a lawyer and you need to promote what you can do if you’re a politician. Bobble head dolls are very effective at promoting individuals or businesses. You can contact a manufacturer of custom bobble headand have a batch made. But since you’re in a serious business, should you make a design and strategy that is serious as well?

This is the perfect opportunity for you to unleash your wacky side. It’s a great way to break barriers between you and the people that you’re trying to whom you are trying to promote yourself. Let’s face it. With the seriousness of your job, it’s hard to really mingle with everyone and to just have fun.

It’s hard to look for a manufacturer of bobble head that you can trust these days. Actually, it’s hard to look for any manufacturer online that you can trust. There always seems to be “fine prints” that you never get to see. Custom bobble heads are not an exception. There are a lot of horror stories about people getting an inexpensive quote for custom dolls only to find out that there are a lot of hidden and additional charges. So how can you avoid this?

A respectable bobble head manufacturer won’t have any hidden changes. You should just pay for the custom dolls and the shipping cost. Although there are a lot of possible additional charges that you can pay for, these charges should be your decision. They’re usually to complement your custom design to make them more effective. You should look for a manufacturer that has these additional charges available for you to decide on. But as for the head dolls alone, they should strive to keep your costs down.

The most complicated process for the bobble head manufacturer is the prototyping. This is where a prototype design is made for your approval. Once approved, the custom bobble headed dolls will be made as per the prototype. Manufacturers will have to ask for a deposit to cover for the costs of the prototypes. But you have to be sure to ask what is included in the deposit. Make sure that it covers the whole prototyping process to avoid additional charges. Once finished, your dolls will be made without the additional costs.

Your manufacturer should be ready to foresee and explain any possible additional charges. As mentioned, there are additional charges that you can opt for if you want to improve your custom bobble heads. These are additional technical aspects designed to improve the customization of the dolls. Usually, customers think of better ways to improve their designs during the process. This is where additional costs come in to cover for the new prototypes. Also, customers would sometimes require a perfect sample and not just any prototype. They understand that prototypes are not perfect and they would need for them to be. They can request this from their manufacturer but with additional costs. Sometimes, there would be additional costs that will be deemed necessary by your bobble head manufacturer. But this would be because of your choices. However, your manufacturer should warn you about these possibilities and should offer you options to avoid or minimize it.

To avoid additional costs for your custom bobble heads, you have to avoid changing your mind along the way especially during and after prototyping. Take an extra day to really decide or to approve each stage. This can help avoid regrets and changes for your bobble head dolls. Also, listen to your manufacturer. You chose them for a reason. It’s because you trust them and you feel that they are the most reliable among the available manufacturers. So if they give you an advice or a warning, listen to them. They’ve been in the business for a long time and they know how to avoid additional costs. They’ll help you avoid that because they truly care about your success.


Bobbleheads are collectible toys that have human figures or loved one

Bobble heads are quite popular and are used for various reasons that range from acknowledgement and incentives to advertising and sales marketing. There are many businesses that specialize in crafting bobble heads for different people and organizations at a small fee. You can even get your own customized bobble head designed from your profile pictures on social media or selected images from your photo album.


Essentially, bobble heads are collectible toys that have human figures. They can be your own image or of someone iconic like a role model, favorite artist, the president or loved one. The head of the toy is usually connected to the rest of the body via a spring or hook so that a slight tap results in the head bobbling hence its name.

Finding bobble heads should not be a daunting task especially since there are many businesses that design and sell them in the market. However, not all offers you come across in the market will depict desirable attributes. When some simply lack in creative design and aesthetic beauty, others are made up of cheap quality materials that get damaged too soon. It is therefore important to carefully evaluate all bobble head offers you get before spending your money.

Things to consider
If you want to land top quality customized bobble head, then there are a few aspects to consider before you head to the market. As aforementioned, the market is flooded with businesses and crafters some of which are not quite dependable. Here are some insights to help you land exactly what you are looking for;

1. Start with your needs – Bobble heads come in several varying designs, styles, colors and depictions. To achieve customization, you should know exactly what you want before you start looking. Do you need a personal bobble head for your house décor or office table? Or maybe you need an acknowledgement bobble head toy for your annual employee events. Personal, incentive and advertising bobble heads all have various characteristics to consider. For instance, you would not want to advertise your chief employees in casual wear to represent your company, unless you are depicting them in golf outfits to promote a given campaign like a charity. In simple terms, note your needs for the bobble head. If you do not have an idea already, simply browse the net to gather insights and ideas.

2. Think size and material – Bobble heads can be small toys or big ones that are erected on a platform. Some are movable, some immobile while others even use batteries. When looking for these toys, decide on the size you want to use and the materials. Since 2014, 6-7 inch bobble heads have become on demand by sports clubs, as giveaways, introduction of iconic figures and personal decoration in homes and offices. The material used should be durable and easy to clean. It should not clip, chip or break off easily even when it falls. They should be designed on an even platform that is stable on the ground.


3. Design – Customization is all about specifying how you want the toy to look like on arrival. Pay keen attention to the design, standing platform, bobble directions, size and depiction. If you are a guitar lover, your toy could be you holding a guitar. If you play baseball, it could be you holding a baseball bat. Pay special attention to the color, clothing and posture. Wedding bobble heads could have both spouses on the same platform holding hands.

These three are the most important considerations about the actual product, but not the only areas to evaluate. The business providing these bobble heads are just as important as the products they offer. Before you choose any given retailer, there are various things to discern including the following;

• Reputation – The easiest way to tell if any given business or service meets users’ requirements is through reviewing the reputation. Businesses that have consistently provided top quality bobble heads will definitely have a good reputation within the area. You can know this by simply looking at comments, complaints and reviews of previous clients to note how their products performed. Only shop from retailers and businesses that are known for genuine quality products.

• Experience – Although the demand for bobble heads has only rapidly expanded over the last 2-3 years, its existence can be traced back to the 1840s. People have been crafting and designing bobble heads for different uses and purposes over the years. You should choose experienced companies that have been in the field for a fairly longer time when compared to competition. They probably have superior offers, more insights and a better service delivery framework.

• Cost – The cost of customized bobble heads is slightly higher than that of regular iconic figure toys readily available in the market. The exact price will depend on how much customization you need for your toy. Size also plays a big role as well as material used. It is generally advisable to compare prices around to find competitive edges and affordability. Nonetheless, price is the last thing to evaluate once you are sure the quality is good.


There are other minor aspects such as exceptional customer service, fast delivery, good expert reviews, easy-navigation platform and ease of making orders, convenient payment methods among such.


Finding best quality customized bobble heads

Landing bobble heads is as simple as searching businesses on your favorite browser and then pinning the potential reliable reputable offers. To state one given business or company as the best is clearly subjective. The best customized bobble head is that which meets your specific needs and there are various companies that can craft top quality toys that meet all your expectations. It is important to make your order from enterprises that offer quality guarantees including provisions to replace or refund any delivery that does not meet agreed quality standards. Bobble-heads are cheap affordable toys and do not usually come with warranties. However, you need safety guarantees. If the product is made of polymers, it should be BPA free and free of any harmful traces particularly since you will be bringing it to your home or office. Only purchase from approved manufacturers who offer safe high quality design customized bobble heads in your area. This is what we specialize in offering and you can contact us any time of the day or night to make an order or make inquiries.


Only your personalized bubble head

You probably remember some of the most popular toys of your childhood. There is a specal doll that always draws our attention. It is a bubble head. The doll is asymmetric when comparing its head and body, because the upper part of the figurine is usually larger than the rest of the body. In the past, bubble heads were used to promote sport stars and popular performers. Nowadays, they can make a star of anyone. It does not matter who you are or what your job is, these dolls can represent you in the best way. 

We use special materials during the production of personalized bubble head. Our expertise and long experience are great references if you ask for your own bubble head. All you have to do is to send us your photo and we will make the doll that looks exactly like you. The photo should be clear while showing you face. Be sure that this doll will be the right choice if you look for something unique. It will always cheer you up and bring the smile to your face. Personalized bubble heads could be extraordinary gift for your family members or friends. Surprise them with this special figurine. They will always remember it!

Browse our custom bobblehead dolls collection

Find a large collection of custom bobblehead dolls in our store. From custom made air-hostess bobblehead dolls to custom made doctor bobblehead dolls. Find a bobblehead doll just the way you like it. Get it customized to your liking and you won’t be disappointed. Grab the bobblehead of your choice. We offer custom bobblehead dolls to guarantee your 100 percent satisfaction. We have been in this business for a long time now, and it is completely logical to say that we rule the bobblehead world. Nowhere else will you find such a large collection that offers you so many options to choose from. You no longer have to get bobblehead dolls that you are not really satisfied with. We make custom bobblehead dolls just for you and your contentment.

Start browsing our store and you will be completely overwhelmed with the massive custom bobblehead dolls collection. After you get a custom bobblehead doll from us, you will never think of any other store to get it from. That is the undoubted guarantee that we give you considering the response that we have had from our loyal existing customers. We hope to become your favorite custom bobblehead dolls store too!

The Most Unique Handmade Bobbleheads-Made With Some Tender Loving Care

There is something so intriguing about bobbleheads. It does not matter how many you have seen in your lifetime but each new one leaves even the hardest to please individual smiling. We are taking bobbleheads to a whole new level by moving from mass produced bobbleheads to handmade ones.

Our highly skilled sculptors inject their amazing talent into each of the bobbleheads and the results are always magical. Let’s face it, we all value handmade products for the mere fact that a passionate human is investing their time and pouring their talent into the product. We all could use some Tender Loving Care!

Our online shop will cater for all your bobblehead fantasies, whether you are looking for customized wedding cake toppers, gifts for family and friends, your favorite sportsman, your precious pet and all your other needs. Furthermore, we are well equipped to handle all your needs, whether you are looking for a single bobblehead or you want to make a bulk order.

We have worked with recognized brands and we have great reviews and testimonials about our unique bobbleheads. Since quality and customer satisfaction is our greatest priority, we have repeatedly registered great customer satisfaction and we have become a household name in the bobbleheads industry. We always aim to exceed our customer’s expectations and we are always surprising them with what we deliver.

To ensure we deliver exceptional results, we are always liaising with our customers through the whole process. We have an excellent customer care support that is enthusiastic to listen.

Just in case you need a little more convincing about our handmade bobbleheads, please note that we use Polymer clay which is long lasting and superior to other mass produced bobbleheads where resin plastic is used. For this reason, our bobbleheads are much brighter and appealing.The only exception is when a customer requests we use resin, our customers always come first.