The Most Unique Handmade Bobbleheads-Made With Some Tender Loving Care

There is something so intriguing about bobbleheads. It does not matter how many you have seen in your lifetime but each new one leaves even the hardest to please individual smiling. We are taking bobbleheads to a whole new level by moving from mass produced bobbleheads to handmade ones.

Our highly skilled sculptors inject their amazing talent into each of the bobbleheads and the results are always magical. Let’s face it, we all value handmade products for the mere fact that a passionate human is investing their time and pouring their talent into the product. We all could use some Tender Loving Care!

Our online shop will cater for all your bobblehead fantasies, whether you are looking for customized wedding cake toppers, gifts for family and friends, your favorite sportsman, your precious pet and all your other needs. Furthermore, we are well equipped to handle all your needs, whether you are looking for a single bobblehead or you want to make a bulk order.

We have worked with recognized brands and we have great reviews and testimonials about our unique bobbleheads. Since quality and customer satisfaction is our greatest priority, we have repeatedly registered great customer satisfaction and we have become a household name in the bobbleheads industry. We always aim to exceed our customer’s expectations and we are always surprising them with what we deliver.

To ensure we deliver exceptional results, we are always liaising with our customers through the whole process. We have an excellent customer care support that is enthusiastic to listen.

Just in case you need a little more convincing about our handmade bobbleheads, please note that we use Polymer clay which is long lasting and superior to other mass produced bobbleheads where resin plastic is used. For this reason, our bobbleheads are much brighter and appealing.The only exception is when a customer requests we use resin, our customers always come first.