Hand Crafted Bobble Heads Made With Easy to Find Materials

When we see bobble heads they make us laugh because of the way their heads move back and forth on top of the body. They are usually seen on office desks, in car windows in the front, and even as souvenirs sitting on shelves in the house. There are two body molds that they can take. They are either made from a plastic body or ceramic. Of course the ceramic ones costing slightly more because they are easier to break. People who make handmade bobble heads always use an example of a person or celebrity so that they can sculpt it properly and get all the features correct. Most are done from photographs of the person it is going to be made of. They are quite unique and many people love to get them as collectibles. And then we have the bobble heads made from people who are not real, such as Santa Clause and elves, or other imaginative characters.

The ceramic and plastic products you can find at many little craft shops in the area. A Joann’s Fabrics may have them or a Michael’s. People choose to make handmade bobble heads either for themselves or to sell and make a profit. A lot of these people also have a great eye for detail and a steady hand to make all the lite markings and facial expressions present on the bobble heads. How you can achieve this process is by getting a photo of what you want to duplicate and then sculpt it with the tools necessary to do so. Then you paint them exactly as you see the picture. You let them dry and there you have it. A simple process, for those up for it and able to be creative.