Fun Things to Do With Custom Bobble heads

Custom bobbleheads are loads of fun when you’re looking for a way to
create a tiny bit of good natured, won’t hurt anyone mischief. But the
question is-how exactly do you go about creating said mischief? Well,
here are a few ideas:

1. Cover the desks

Have everyone in
your class create their own custom bobbleheads, using an outfit that
they frequently wear as a model. You’ll need a teacher friend or two to
get in on this-simply ask them if they can let you and your classmates
hide in the classroom while your teacher goes in. Set up all of the
custom bobbleheads on top of the respective desks of each person and one
that looks like the teacher on their desk. One teacher will house you,
while the other one needs to call your teacher away. Leave notebooks out
on the desks and tape pens and pencils to the hands of the bobbleheads.
You can even set up a camera to record your teacher’s reaction.

2. Podium

a custom bobblehead and place it on the teacher’s podium at the front
of your class while they’re at. Have everyone pretend that they’re
taking notes and nod at the bobblehead. Look as if you’re deep in
concentration. Make sure that you’re ALL staring pointedly at the custom
bobbleheads, or else the teacher won’t notice. This is also a great way
to give your teacher a present for teacher appreciation day.

3. Computers

At work, place custom bobbleheads on
everyone’s desk, preferably of a supervisor. When the supervisor comes
around, ignore him (unless he gives you a super important request or
speaks to you directly). Say things like “yes sir, right on it sir, to
the bobblehead.” (Or ma’am, if you have a female supervisor.) Make sure
to do this while your supervisor is walking by. Don’t slack during this
time. You can even take a small doll tea set and give the bobblehead a
little bit of coffee to make it look more authentic. If they don’t drink
coffee, then see if you can find any other miniature beverages.

4. Lunch Break

one employee who likes to slack that he is being called to an emergency
meeting during his lunch hour. Have several custom bobbleheads,
preferably of those in a supervisor position. Set them up where they
normally sit during a meeting, and have the slacker go to the room. Make
sure to make the meeting sound really, really important.

Keep in
mind that none of these pranks with custom bobbleheads should not be
malicious. Make sure that you aren’t going to accidentally offend
anyone-if you know that you have a sensitive supervisor, then you need
to take the time to either explain yourself or just leave them out of
the prank and pick a supervisor who is less sensitive. You can also give
them one of the custom bobbleheads as a gift, whether it be for a
birthday, appreciation day, etc.

Once you have your custom bobbleheads created, keep in mind that you
can also add other features to them before you finally check out. Make
sure to look over your bobbleheads two, three, maybe even four times to
make sure that they are exactly what you’re looking for.

enjoy your custom bobbleheads! Let’s face it-how often is it that you
get to have your very own, fun, friendly-looking bobblehead? Not to
mention one that was handcrafted instead of reproduced in a factory?
Chances are that you’ll only get the chance to have one in your
lifetime-and that you should take the time to truly enjoy your custom