Fun Things to Do With Custom Bobble heads

Custom bobbleheads are loads of fun when you’re looking for a way to
create a tiny bit of good natured, won’t hurt anyone mischief. But the
question is-how exactly do you go about creating said mischief? Well,
here are a few ideas:

1. Cover the desks

Have everyone in
your class create their own custom bobbleheads, using an outfit that
they frequently wear as a model. You’ll need a teacher friend or two to
get in on this-simply ask them if they can let you and your classmates
hide in the classroom while your teacher goes in. Set up all of the
custom bobbleheads on top of the respective desks of each person and one
that looks like the teacher on their desk. One teacher will house you,
while the other one needs to call your teacher away. Leave notebooks out
on the desks and tape pens and pencils to the hands of the bobbleheads.
You can even set up a camera to record your teacher’s reaction.

2. Podium

a custom bobblehead and place it on the teacher’s podium at the front
of your class while they’re at. Have everyone pretend that they’re
taking notes and nod at the bobblehead. Look as if you’re deep in
concentration. Make sure that you’re ALL staring pointedly at the custom
bobbleheads, or else the teacher won’t notice. This is also a great way
to give your teacher a present for teacher appreciation day.

3. Computers

At work, place custom bobbleheads on
everyone’s desk, preferably of a supervisor. When the supervisor comes
around, ignore him (unless he gives you a super important request or
speaks to you directly). Say things like “yes sir, right on it sir, to
the bobblehead.” (Or ma’am, if you have a female supervisor.) Make sure
to do this while your supervisor is walking by. Don’t slack during this
time. You can even take a small doll tea set and give the bobblehead a
little bit of coffee to make it look more authentic. If they don’t drink
coffee, then see if you can find any other miniature beverages.

4. Lunch Break

one employee who likes to slack that he is being called to an emergency
meeting during his lunch hour. Have several custom bobbleheads,
preferably of those in a supervisor position. Set them up where they
normally sit during a meeting, and have the slacker go to the room. Make
sure to make the meeting sound really, really important.

Keep in
mind that none of these pranks with custom bobbleheads should not be
malicious. Make sure that you aren’t going to accidentally offend
anyone-if you know that you have a sensitive supervisor, then you need
to take the time to either explain yourself or just leave them out of
the prank and pick a supervisor who is less sensitive. You can also give
them one of the custom bobbleheads as a gift, whether it be for a
birthday, appreciation day, etc.

Once you have your custom bobbleheads created, keep in mind that you
can also add other features to them before you finally check out. Make
sure to look over your bobbleheads two, three, maybe even four times to
make sure that they are exactly what you’re looking for.

enjoy your custom bobbleheads! Let’s face it-how often is it that you
get to have your very own, fun, friendly-looking bobblehead? Not to
mention one that was handcrafted instead of reproduced in a factory?
Chances are that you’ll only get the chance to have one in your
lifetime-and that you should take the time to truly enjoy your custom

Creative Design Conception for Making Unique Custom Bobble heads

When it comes to custom bobbleheads, you may not know what exactly to
get together in order to create your custom bobblehead. After all, it
can be hard to figure out what you need all at once if you’ve never
ordered custom bobbleheads before.

You are advised to give more creative design ideas to custom
bobbleheads you are going to give as gift. As we all know, you should
send the photos or pictures of the recipients you will send gift to to
the manufacturers. If you do not order it or give your special
requirements, then designers and manufacturers will sculpture the
bobblehead by themselves according to their own imagination and design.
So, if you want to make the custom bobbleheads present your wise and
creation, you are advised to provide the idea to consumers actually.

Custom bobbleheads are easy to get and there are various kinds
of bobbleheads with different designs for your selection. It can be a
special method to show your kindness to the recipients. To get a custom
bobblehead is not a difficult thing since there are so many
manufacturers and designers both at home and abroad. More important, you
are advised to add creative elements to your bobbleheads to make it
more special and creative.

It is a good idea to give the custom
bobblehead a feature based on the daily habits of your friends. For
example, if your friend love to smile, you give the custom bobblehead a
big smile. If your friend is a doctor, give his or her bobblehead a
white uniform and a pair of glasses. If your friend is a dancer, give
the bobblehead a exaggerate gesture. This kind of creative idea is
originated of the obvious features and life habits of your friends.
Another novel idea is to give the custom bobblehead a humourous effect.
For example, if your friend is a boy or man, give the bobblehead a
normal appearance, but make it wearing sexy mini skirt and luxury
accessories. Or if your friend is a girl or woman, design the custom
bobblehead to give it a male dress. This humor effect also is a perfect
creative idea.

There is no doubt that there are also other kinds
of creative thoughts and ideas. You are advised to design your
bobbleheads to make it more unique and special to give people a deeper
impression. Frankly speaking, we are professional manufacturer of custom
bobblehead and we can offer various kinds of custom bobblehead
according to your own requirements. Searching the gifts for your
co-workers? Now the office bobbleheads here can be the best chioce. Keep in mind that most custom bobbleheads are hand-carved. This means
that it will take them a while to get the bobbleheads back to you-but
most companies can do so pretty quickly. If you have any additional
concerns regarding the custom bobbleheads that you receive, you need to
take the time to contact them as soon as possible. Let’s face it-once
they start working on your bobbleheads, you don’t have long to ask for
alterations, unless they send you a photo proof.

Ever wondered about custom bobble heads? Read this


We have all played with some bobbleheads in our childhood. Some of us have these collectible toys in our offices, cars and other locations. Bobbleheads are fun, interesting and highly decorative too. We have seen bobbleheads in the form of television stars, movie icons, sports-people and famous historical figures too. Have you ever wanted to have a bobblehead of someone you love or even yourself? Thanks to technological innovation and the Internet, now you can. There are online companies that manufacture Custom bobbleheads which are customized to look like any figure you desire. It could be you, your partner, a member of of your family or even a friend. You can even have a custom bobblehead of your pet. Read on to learn about it.

How are custom bobbleheads made?

To get a custom bobblehead, the first step is to take a close up photo of the face that you intend to have depicted in the bobblehead. After that, you can upload this picture to the custom bobblehead company that you want to buy from. They normally provide a collection of body types for you to pick from too. Examples of these are work, professional, sporty, fashionable, traditional, wedding, group and kids body types.

Pick a body type for your custom bobblehead. Once you do this, place your order and the custom bobblehead which you want will be made for you. The company will inform you through your email address about the progress on your order. Once it is completed, you will be required to make payment and the bobblehead will be delivered to you.

Some companies normally offer free shipping on custom bobbleheads. it is important to inquire about this. you could enjoy this service based on specific requirements such as your location or the number of bobbleheads that you have ordered.

Characteristics of custom bobbleheads

Construction material

These decorative toys are made of a material that is known as polyresin. It is durable, malleable and produces high quality items. Polyresin allows the bobblehead to have intricate details. Moreover, it does not dry out or crack over time. Therefore, it is the industry standard material for the construction of Custom bobbleheads.

3D molds

When you send a picture of your bobblehead subject, the artisan in the bobblehead company takes a good look at it and creates a 3D figure. This is known as a clay mold. By using special sculpting tools, they will sculpt the mold so that it looks exactly like the picture which you provided. Professional custom bobblehead companies normally send proofs to their clients. This allows the clients to suggest any alterations that they could want. Normally, clients are allowed to give their opinion on as many proofs as required. Once they have arrived at a final acceptable one, the clay mold is cast and painted to depict your desired image.


Custom bobbleheads make for interesting and entertaining toys or gifts. They are interesting to look at and their bobbling heads are enchanting. By simply going online and following the above procedure, you can have a custom bobblehead made today.

The Most Unique Handmade Bobbleheads-Made With Some Tender Loving Care

There is something so intriguing about bobbleheads. It does not matter how many you have seen in your lifetime but each new one leaves even the hardest to please individual smiling. We are taking bobbleheads to a whole new level by moving from mass produced bobbleheads to handmade ones.

Our highly skilled sculptors inject their amazing talent into each of the bobbleheads and the results are always magical. Let’s face it, we all value handmade products for the mere fact that a passionate human is investing their time and pouring their talent into the product. We all could use some Tender Loving Care!

Our online shop will cater for all your bobblehead fantasies, whether you are looking for customized wedding cake toppers, gifts for family and friends, your favorite sportsman, your precious pet and all your other needs. Furthermore, we are well equipped to handle all your needs, whether you are looking for a single bobblehead or you want to make a bulk order.

We have worked with recognized brands and we have great reviews and testimonials about our unique bobbleheads. Since quality and customer satisfaction is our greatest priority, we have repeatedly registered great customer satisfaction and we have become a household name in the bobbleheads industry. We always aim to exceed our customer’s expectations and we are always surprising them with what we deliver.

To ensure we deliver exceptional results, we are always liaising with our customers through the whole process. We have an excellent customer care support that is enthusiastic to listen.

Just in case you need a little more convincing about our handmade bobbleheads, please note that we use Polymer clay which is long lasting and superior to other mass produced bobbleheads where resin plastic is used. For this reason, our bobbleheads are much brighter and appealing.The only exception is when a customer requests we use resin, our customers always come first.

One of the best toys for sale:Bobble Heads.

Toys are one of the best way in order to bring a smile on childrens face.There are varities of toys are available in the market which childrens love to have but In Order to get the Unique one Bobble Heads is one of the best to have.Bobble Heads are one of the special types of toys as it is designed with respect to the ancient culture during Budhaas time and it is also reffered to as a Cultural Epic toy.
Bobble Heads toys is being named after its body shape and size.Bobble Heads means the toy will have a head which will tends to rotate up and down continuosly and it will not be in a stable position.Hence the Bobble Head is also called as a nodder as it tends to node everytime.Bobble head have a head which is being designed in such a way that it body will be less known.Bobble Heads is a Collectivable toy which is must to have for all child.There is a attachments with a hook or with the spring in order to connect their Heads and body and this makes the Bobble head a unique.It forms a powerful unique attachments between both the parts of its body and this make everyone love to buy it.This is one of the unique types of toys.Once just to give a nod to his Heads in order to make it function and provide few other childrens feelings.
Bobble Heads existed from the ancient culture and in order to recollect all the memories people choose Bobble Heads because it has everything to say where it is used.Bobble Heads were started practising since the 1930′s by many countries and it became famous throughout the world.Bobble Heads are available at an reasonable cost which allows the parents to buy them for their childrens.apart from all these Bobble Heads comes in many variety too.

The top features of a good bobble heads available for sale

When you visit online shop that sale bobble heads, you should be aware of the features that you would need if you want to make a perfect choice. Here are the top features of good bobble heads available for sale today from the market:

The bobble heads that you buy should be made of elastic materials or rubber when buying from the market. Why is this important? You should ensure that you choose a good material before you can buy one depending on the type of bobble heads that you would buy from the ones available for sale. You will definitely make a perfect choice from the wide range of options that would work for you.

A good bobble head should be durable enough when looking for the ones available for sale. How should you choose a durable one? You should read the features that would enable you make a decision thus helping you decide on what will make that best decision as you acquire these options. You will definitely be happy with your good bobble heads if you get them from the market.

Since these good bobble heads are available for sale in the market, you should ensure that you do get a good deal during your purchase. Why do this? They sell differently in the market thus you must do your research if you want to make a perfect choice. You will definitely save money when you buy good bobble heads from the market.

Any good bobble head must of appropriate size when buying. With many sizes that exists in the market for sale, you should always choose ones that would fit your needs. Buy small ones since they are the bets when you need good quality.

In the end, the above are the top features of good bobble heads available for sale today from the market today.

Top tips that you must know when buying bobble heads today

Do you want to buy bobble heads today? Do you know the tips that can help you decide on which one to buy? When you have information on them, you will learn on how to buy bobble heads without having to waste your money during the purchase. Here is a guide on how to buy bobble heads:

The material of bobble heads should be a factor that you must consider during your choice. You should be aware of the material whether synthetic or rubber when buying. When you have the right information on the material of bobble heads, you will learn on how to make your purchase from a given market even as you try to have the best options. Never should you buy bobble heads when you lack information that would help you make that perfect choice.

Since these bobble heads often costs differently in the market, you should be aware when buying one. How should you do this? You must compare the prices of bobble heads from the different retail companies that sells them if you want to get a good deal. With information on their pricing mechanisms, you will always make an informed choice when buying.

The size of bobble heads is another factor that will play an important role when deciding on which one to choose. You should know the best sizes that exists in the market if you were to get one. You will definitely make an informed choice when buying bobble heads from the market.

Always choose bobble heads from a reputable company if you want the best quality. How? With reviews of customers who have bought bobble heads, you will learn on the best ones to buy especially given many options exists in the market.

In conclusion, these tips will help you make an informed choice when buying your bobble heads from the market.

Hand Crafted Bobble Heads Made With Easy to Find Materials

When we see bobble heads they make us laugh because of the way their heads move back and forth on top of the body. They are usually seen on office desks, in car windows in the front, and even as souvenirs sitting on shelves in the house. There are two body molds that they can take. They are either made from a plastic body or ceramic. Of course the ceramic ones costing slightly more because they are easier to break. People who make handmade bobble heads always use an example of a person or celebrity so that they can sculpt it properly and get all the features correct. Most are done from photographs of the person it is going to be made of. They are quite unique and many people love to get them as collectibles. And then we have the bobble heads made from people who are not real, such as Santa Clause and elves, or other imaginative characters.

The ceramic and plastic products you can find at many little craft shops in the area. A Joann’s Fabrics may have them or a Michael’s. People choose to make handmade bobble heads either for themselves or to sell and make a profit. A lot of these people also have a great eye for detail and a steady hand to make all the lite markings and facial expressions present on the bobble heads. How you can achieve this process is by getting a photo of what you want to duplicate and then sculpt it with the tools necessary to do so. Then you paint them exactly as you see the picture. You let them dry and there you have it. A simple process, for those up for it and able to be creative.

Promoting Your Business With Hand Made Bobble Heads

Regardless of what your business, you generally require more customers. Searching for an interesting, imaginative approach to advance your items and services? Attempt specially designed dolls!

Why Choose hand made bobble heads?

It can be intended to look like any individual or character you like: a client, chief, businessperson, organization author, mascot, and so forth. Your doll puts a face on your organization, making it emerge from the rest. There’s a not insignificant rundown of HVAC servicesin the telephone directory, yet because of the doll you gave her at the last heater investigation, your customer will recollect to call you first. An appealing puppet makes an association with your client. The way that it’s somewhat of a personification infuses diversion into your business connections.

Using Your hand made bobble heads as a Promotional Tool

Require thoughts on the best way to utilize your uniquely crafted doll? Convey some to circulate when you make deals calls. Incorporate them in press packs that you send to nearby media. Hand them out at courses, traditions, public exhibitions, and different social occasions. In case you’re another doctor looking for referrals, give them out when you make office visits to remind your associates that you value their business. Show them in your showroom, and give them as toys so kids can play while guardians peruse. Utilize them as blessing card holders or designs incorporate blessing bushel. In case you’re a real estate agent, give them out at open houses. Eateries, exhibition halls, suppliers, verifiable social orders and other tourism-related organizations can offer uniquely crafted bobble heads in their blessing shops.

choosing Your hand made bobble heads

Since you’ve chosen to utilize a bobble head, you’ll have to pick a creation organization. Search for a business that has a long history of making custom dolls. Peruse their display to check whether their items coordinate your vision. Pick an organization that values your plan input and requires your endorsement at each progression. Hope to invest a lot of energy getting your bobble head perfectly. Since you need a quality item, ensure your organization utilizes solid, safe materials and fabulous workmanship. Request references. Your organization should be clear about such matters as estimating, bundling, and transporting and give client benefit after venture fulfillment, and additionally an item ensure.

Bobbleheads Are The Foremost Famous Collectible Items Worldwide

BOBBLEHEADS are such a fun and quirky way to customize an office desk or the dashboard in a car. They’re something of a cultural icon here in the West; their roots stemming from Major League Baseball in the late 1950’s. Each and every team had their own BOBBLEHEAD by 1960. With this trend gaining in popularity, The King, himself, Elvis Presley has had several iconic portrayals immortalized with collectible BOBBLEHEADS. Even the Beatles had their own collectible BOBBLEHEADS released in the mid 1960’s which are worth upwards of $1,000 online for a complete set these days if they can even be found as they are very rare collector’s items.

Time goes on and each sports franchise hops onto the bandwagon producing BOBBLEHEADS for nearly every sports team and major player in existence. Mike Tyson makes an appearance in the BOBBLEHEAD realm accompanied by an “earless” Evander Holyfield and the industry transitions into a new direction, expanding into the industry of comedy and entertainment. The Hawaiian Hula girl with ukulele has now emerged into the market adorning dashboards as far as the eye can see. In the early 1990’s there was even a music label known as “Dashboard Hula Girl Records”, reflecting the fact that the trend has been widely established in the heart of our nation.

The year is now 1998 and political correctness has not made its way into the mainstream as of yet; you turn on your television and what do you likely see? Only one of the most famous BOBBLEHEADS ever created: The Taco Bell Chihuahua. The commercials were a smash hit and BOBBLEHEAD sales soared in ludicrous numbers. “Gidget”, our beloved Taco Bell Chihuahua passed away at the tender age of 15 in July of 2009 and now each and every one of those original Taco Bell Chihuahua BOBBLEHEADS is a collectible item and is worth over 40 times the original asking price on eBay at the time of writing this.


Fast forward to 2016, Republican Nominee Donald Trump has once again shattered the BOBBLEHEAD world with his blonde flowing locks of hair and his “trademarked” clenched-teeth expression. We do not yet know how the upcoming presidential election will turn out, but what we do know is that trends repeat themselves and before too long, revenues generated in the BOBBLEHEAD industry will likely be greatly increased at the exchange of political likenesses. Years from now, we may see another tremendous spike in the value of these figures.

There are many other notable varieties of BOBBLEHEADS in circulation with the trend reaching as far as the Asias. The Thanjavur Dolls of India are a variety of BOBBLEHEAD dolls used in elaborate festivals known as the Golu. These dolls are dressed in elaborate gowns and displayed next to many other dolls to be celebrated during the Dasara festivals held each September. These ceremonies are a joyous celebration and the admission of the figurines creates a very fun atmosphere for all involved.

Is there more to the appeal of these figures than simply dollar signs? Certainly, there is. These days, BOBBLEHEADS make fantastic gifts, in addition to collector’s items. We offer fully CUSTOMIZABLE BOBBLEHEADS at fantastic rates for you to take advantage of. Now you can take your favorite picture of your best friend, your spouse, your boss, your children, so on and so forth, and CUSTOMIZE BOBBLEHEAD figurines for all of them, making a super enjoyable and thoughtful gift. We allow you to determine clothing, facial expression, and more in order to ensure that your CUSTOMIZED BOBBLEHEAD is to your utmost satisfaction. This is what we are in the business of and we endeavor to perfect our craft.


Personalized on-demand BOBBLEHEADS are not mass produced. Each and every figurine custom-ordered is met to your exacting specifications with your choice of stock bodies that can include such themes as sports and hobbies like skateboarding, drumming or guitar playing, formula car racing, and so on and so forth. Additionally, we offer themes for weddings (even BOBBLEHEAD cake toppers!), graduations, awards, superhero themes, zombie themes, and “sexy” themes. With our CUSTOMIZABLE BOBBLEHEAD services, the only limits are your imagination. Using a very simple order form, you are able to upload an image of the likeness you wish to use for your figurine, from multiple angles for improved accuracy, if desired. You are then able to customize features such as eye color, hair color, and images or text which can be added to the clothing or to the base of the BOBBLEHEAD. We also offer bobbles in many different careers such as businessmen and women, doctors, dentists, priests, military, police, chefs, judges, astronauts, and even pizza delivery drivers, if you so choose. Our dolls are head to toe customizable so possibilities are endless.



Pricing can range depending on the customization involved, but we did not set out in this industry to be the cheapest, in spite of our absolutely reasonable rates; we set out to be the absolute best so that when someone thinks “That’d make a great BOBBLEHEAD…”, they can come to us with confidence that any ideas they present to us will be carried out as accurately and as efficiently as humanly possible. If you can imagine it, we can create it!

Why should you invest in a CUSTOMIZED BOBBLEHEAD from us? It is because we make them for every occasion. They make excellent gifts for groomsmen and bridesmaids. They look fantastic and place a classically hilarious spin on the traditional bride and groom wedding cake toppers. They can make a hilarious birthday gift for someone at the office. They make a marketing statement; imagine you own a veterinary clinic and adorn the receptionist’s desk with our customizable dog or cat bobbleheads. Perhaps you host a cooking vlog and your likeness graces the camera frame with a bouncing head and chef’s hat. A talent agent may be inclined to represent his bigger clients with BOBBLEHEADS in their likenesses in his office. The applications are seemingly endless but all seem to grab attention because deep down, everyone loves a BOBBLEHEAD. We’re well aware of this; this is why we set out to be the absolute very best, and we strongly feel that we’ve achieved this. Let us create your perfect CUSTOMIZED BOBBLEHEAD today!